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Your creative use of CONNECT™ Clamps

Crescent Connect™ Clamp: All-in-One Vise Clamp, Pipe Clamp & Spreader

The Crescent Connect™ Clamp from Apex Tool Group is truly the only bar clamp you’ll ever need.

With 500 lbs. of clamping force, modular connectivity, easy conversion to spreader, pipe grip capabilities, removable rubber XL pads, and comfortable, one-handed operation design, our modular clamp system is suitable for a range of light to medium-duty applications.

Construction professional? Weekend DIYer? You’ll enjoy the comfort, safety, security and flexibility our modular clamps provide. And don’t forget to show us how you use your Crescent Connect™ Clamp — simply submit your photo online, and you could be featured on our website!

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Use Our Modular Bar Clamp for Woodworking & Other Applications

Crescent Connect™ Clamps are sold in pairs, with 6” and 12” options. Each clamp comes standard with a uniquely-designed connect end so you’re no longer limited to 90-degree angles. Now, you can grip and hold two or more objects together in almost any position. For maximum flexibility, try our Twin Lock Connector — this optional clamping accessory allows two clamps to connect at differing heights and varying angles.

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